iHub Selects 12 Edtech Startups For Mastercard’s Edtech Fellowship Programme

iHub Selects 12 Edtech Startups For Mastercard’s Edtech Fellowship Programme

The iHub, a Nairobi-based incubator, has joined forces with the Mastercard Foundation to launch the ground-breaking Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship Programme in Kenya. This program aims to revolutionize education in the country by supporting and funding innovative EdTech startups.

Through a rigorous selection process, 12 exceptional startups have been chosen to be part of the inaugural cohort. These startups encompass a diverse range of educational solutions, including interactive learning platforms, self-paced content providers, and platforms connecting students with tutors. By nurturing this vibrant ecosystem of EdTech innovators, the fellowship program seeks to catalyse educational advancements and empower learners across Africa. The startups were announced on 1st June 2023 for the programme.

The Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) in Kenya is designed to achieve its intended outcomes through various key strategies and approaches.

The Selected Kenyan Startups for 2023 Mastercard Foundation

1. Arifu:This marvelous idea is the brainchild of Craig Heintzman and Marisa Conway. It is an interactive learning platform that provides support to small businesses and job seekers in Africa, offering them valuable educational resources.

2. Virtual Essence: A self-paced learning content provider, offering a wide range of educational materials and resources for learners. The founders are led by Michael Wachira, operating the product known as Msingi Pack.

3. Kidato: This startup founded by Sam Gichuru of NaiLab offers an interactive online learning platform designed for the entire family, enabling students to engage in virtual education across various subjects.

4. FunKe Science: The platform founded by Tracey Shiundu and Dennis Njagi offers online and offline content, making science enjoyable and relatable for African children through innovative learning materials.

5. Lemfundo Technologies: Operating under the platform EasyElimu, the online platform founded by Rowlings Odhiambo Onyango provides K-12 learning content and exam preparation resources for students, enhancing their educational journey.

6. Ntemata: A learning management system that supports teachers in delivering more efficient assessments for students, thereby improving the overall learning experience. The LMS is the product of Frida Ngari and Gilbert Ngaira.

7. Angaza Elimu: Founded by Kiko Muuo, Angaza Elimu is an adaptive and interactive platform leveraging technology to enhance access to quality and relevant education on demand.

8. Silabu: A platform that connects students with qualified tutors, enabling personalized and effective learning experiences. Originally from Tanzania, the founding team of Silabu is led by Salvatory Kessy.

9. Smart Brains Kenya: Lemuel Kinyanzwii’s startup is focused on empowering schools to independently offer high-quality coding and robotics lessons, fostering technological literacy among students.

Loho Learning: Delivering personalized and interactive educational content in various digital formats, catering to the needs of the current schooling generation. The startup founder is James Ong’ang’a

Snapplify: Originally South African, Snapplify was founded by Wesley Lynch. The system allows collaborating with students and teachers to deploy e-learning content and materials, facilitating digital learning experiences.

Elewa: An education innovation solution founded by Jente Roseel that supports teachers, schools, and large training audiences in delivering cost-effective and scalable continuous professional development.

What they Stand to Gain

The Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship Programme, in collaboration with iHub, has set the stage for a transformative journey in the realm of education technology in Kenya. The carefully curated cohort of 12 startups, such as Arifu, Kidato, and Silabu, represent the diversity and ingenuity of the African EdTech landscape. By providing funding, support, and a platform for growth, the fellowship program aims to drive innovation, improve access to quality education, and empower learners throughout the continent. Through the Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning, the Mastercard Foundation remains dedicated to fostering impactful EdTech ecosystems, creating opportunities for learners, educators, and EdTech pioneers to thrive and shape the future of education in Africa.